Sponsors of Swords Into Plowshares

We are grateful for the support of these organizations, which donated to our Indiegogo fundraiser and helped us raise the money to get the Swords Into Plowshares project off the ground:


We would like to thank each of the 630 individual donors who contributed to our Indiegogo campaign, including:


Lynda S. White

Stephanie Naman Whitney

Molly & Tom Walls

Denis Pelletier

Abby Cox

Emily Tucker

Eric Koszyk

Sarah Lawson & Steven Villereal

Tracy J. Wortman

John Alexander

Kathryn Bertoni

Grace Burkhart & Jacob Hertzler

Andrew and Ali Vinson

Draper Smith

Latifa Kropf

Lindsay Meck & Ryan Farr 

Kevin Box


Lyra Monteiro 

David & Barbara Myerson Katz

Gretchen Tibbits

Christa Bennett

Adrienne Kim Bird

Rev. Alex Joyner, First United Methodist Church

Benjamin & Stephanie Randolph